Culinary Experiment #2 – Raw Beet Salad, Really?

Culinary Experiment #2 – Raw Beet Salad, Really?

So I’m new to the beet world and just recently learn to hide beets in my juices. I have to hide them still because I’m a fan of that earthy flavor they have which I hear is the reason most people love them. Thought of just eating them raw in a salad did not sound very exciting at all. I went on a hunt for a beetroot salad as my 2nd experiment for you.

I found a lot that sounded not so horrible and this morning I went with a recipe I plan to call Red Twiggy Salad (or some variation of that, lol). As you may have guessed by the fact that I am working on a name for the salad that I liked it and yes sir I think love would be a better term. I was surprised the salad was sweet, so sweet in fact that next time I plan to add more ginger next to give it more of a kick. It was easy to make and trust me even people who don’t like beets will love this salad, as long as they like lime, lol. I plan to add this salad to my regular menu plan.

wpid-20131215_161241.jpg wpid-20131215_164440.jpg


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